ZocDoc Gets Huge Series C Funding

ZocDoc logoThe real zinger here is where the money came from. Ever heard of DST Global? Twitter scrutinizers have no doubt chanced upon the all-reaching Russian-owned VC firm. After all, the Yuri Milner owned company made a huge investment on the micro-blogging phenomenon recently.

Aside from Twitter, Milner’s cash has also boosted Groupon and Facebook. In short, Yuri Milner is a hyper-VC who’s at the leading edge of the internet. These are the glowing words ZocDoc co-founder and CEO Cyrus Massoumi uses to describe Milner’s impressive portfolio.

The other incredible factoid is when Milner funds, he funds big. ZocDoc, being an efficient listing-cum-search engine for doctor’s appointments, just received $50 million. Word from the vine says Yuri Milner was flown to their Big Apple HQ to break the great news.

While ZocDoc’s core service isn’t a super-innovation, it has succeeded and grown since its 2007 inception. At 150 employees strong and currently sprouting in other cities, ZocDoc could also fit Massouni’s tribute to Milner—being at the leading edge of its particular industry.

Via: Xconomy