ZocDoc Aspires For Greatness

ZocDoc logoInteresting factoid: every time there’s a new hire over at ZocDoc, a bull horn announces the occasion. It’s indicative of the rapid pace that’s electrified the medical listings startup ever since it launched four years ago. To think ZocDoc’s founding happened amid an economic meltdown and a sinus infection.

ZocDoc, which was founded by ex-consultant Cyrus Massoumi and Dr. Oliver Kharraz, allows patients to search for the right specialists for consultation and set up an appointment. So simple, it’s almost unbelievable. But the real genius behind the startup was how ZocDoc hastens this rather humdrum process–it usually takes a week to schedule a doctor’s appointment. For just $250, doctors can have their profile made available for searches via ZocDoc and to date, the reception from the medical community has been enthusiastic. One dentist even went so far as to claim a third of his patients reach him via ZocDoc.

Like a surprising number of successful startups, ZocDoc’s origins were accidental and very inconvenient. Turns out back in the day Cyrus Massoumi was a highly-travelled stressed out consultant who had the bad luck of an infection. During a particular flight his condition was so bad, during the plane’s descent he lost his hearing in the right ear. It took him four days to make an appointment. After that, the seed of ZocDoc was planted and began to grow.

For the whole scoop, try out the source link below. Togetehr with Drchrono, ZocDoc is shaking up the medical establishment.

Via: Betabeat