Zagat Gets Bought By Google

ZagatThe interesting part is Zagat itself, a 32-year old company that offers customer reviews for numerous restaurants here and abroad, is suddenly snapped up by Google. Founded by a husband and wife team way, way back, Zagat started in print format and only went digital a couple of years ago. Its sudden purchase by the search engine behemoth can be construed as a small part of a broader strategy.

Some news outlets and blogs have already latched on to the grand design behind the Zagat buy. This wasn’t so hard to do, given that Google’s own VP of Local, Maps and Location Services Marissa Mayer posted the following  on the official Google blog:

So, today, I’m thrilled that Google has acquired Zagat. Moving forward, Zagat will be a cornerstone of our local offering—delighting people with their impressive array of reviews, ratings and insights, while enabling people everywhere to find extraordinary (and ordinary) experiences around the corner and around the world.

The above is actually just a short introduction. Go here for the whole read.

Via: Forbes