Yipit Gets Profiled, Vinicius Vacanti Becomes More Human

In what amounts to a good-sized PR boost, Yipit had the privilege of reporter Alan Feuer’s attention recently. The resulting bird’s eye profile piece titled “On The Move, In A Thriving Tech Sector” offers a unique glimpse into the deal-centric startup, beginning with Yipit’s move away from its longtime coworking space.

Freuer is astute enough to weave the Yipit story into the broader narrative of the current tech boom. Starting with Vinicius Vacanti getting cues from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Chad Hurley, Filled with a sense of mission, Vacanti and his partner Jim Moran would quite their day jobs, pool a little money, and toss around ideas. Freur then threads together an experiential sequence of Yipit’s development, including their move to a new office and Vacanti’s after-hours soccer passion. (He’s got a busted leg, unfortunately.)

The profile also succeeds in highlighting the most important micro-trends shaping the landscape. Included are Mayor Bloomberg’s near-personal mission to raise a local tech campus, the flood of easy venture capital, and the attitude (call it messianic zeal) that drives the entrepreneurs on the ground to mold something that hasn’t existed before. It’s a story worth several minute’s reading, so try the source link down south.

The last time Yipit were featured here at NY Tech Blog (on June) they were in pretty good shape. Here’s why:

On top of the hefty $6 million they just made, the daily deals aggregator have announced expansion plans. That and the 7-person startup is growing its ranks with engineers and programmers.

Yipit’s profile has always been rosy and even if they don’t get the kind of exposure that’s lavished on Foursquare, these guys have gone national.

Via: NY Times