Yahoo Moves Into Manhattan

But wait, it’s not as if Yahoo are migrating from their legacy haunt in California. Instead, Yahoo Studios will be occupying a newly leased space at 40th Street. It turns out that video content is one of Yahoo’s hottest properties and to accommodate its healthy growth a vast production facility with studios and edit rooms galore for various programs are going to be built in a five thousand square foot space. This isn’t Yahoo’s debut in the Big Apple, however, since a local Yahoo office has been around for a while now.

The move is being construed as an effort to improve Yahoo’s valuation, which has the potential to reach an impresive figure even after the firing of its CEO several months earlier.

Yahoo Studios, which will be run by production supervision boss Michael Manas, is expected to alter the rich New York media landscape. It’s also a big deal, because Yahoo’s video content  have huge audiences and Yahoo ranks an impressive second (to Google) when it comes to hottest internet properties.

To quote form the source material:

One of the two New York sets will be a finance set. The other will be used for sports, entertainment, women, men, fashion and other content forms. Currently, Yahoo is leasing a nearby studio space that it got for its Breakout show. That studio lease ends in March.Breakout, along with Trending Now and Daily Ticker will be filmed in the new studio once it is complete.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter