Xconomy Dives Into The NY Tech Scene

xconomy logoAs the ultimate purveyor of techcentric news in six major cities (including the Big Apple), Xconomy could not let all the action happening over here pass it by. Little wonder that an epic introductory address by Robert Buderi welcomed readers’ eyeballs on Monday to officially announce Xconomy’s presence. In it he states:

“But my mental picture of New York has evolved dramatically in the last few years—not the skyscrapers part, of course, but the ‘everything’ that’s going on in their shadows. Everything now includes venture capitalists, angels and super angels, incubators (the city is teeming with incubators), and tons of startups, not just in media and advertising, but also in Web services, consumer retail, and even life sciences and, yes, cleantech. In fact, depending on how you count, New York has in just a few years risen past Boston to become the No. 2 hub for tech startups and venture deal making in the country. And, increasingly, it is drawing in existing technology and life sciences companies.”

Long story short, Buderi salutes the local scenes rapid ascension and introduces the sizable team who’ll be sniffing out the latest happenings on the ground. It’s quite a diverse cast led by veteran journo Arlene Weintraub who’ll be shepherding the efforts of the Xconomist army, which includes some dude from Foursquare and those active in the “innovation community.” (That’s naming a few.)

Via: Xconomy