Worries About Etsy Growth Continue To Grow

Etsy founderAside from the police, ‘New York’s finest’ also applies to Etsy, the game changing handicrafts retail space that has brought back 19th century style independent livelihood entrepreneurship.

Here at NY Tech Blog, the last post on Etsy read:

“Such is the winding narrative of what’s perhaps the best startup in the East Coast. (So much for Foursquare.) While most entrepreneurs today gripe about the shortage of programmers and infrastructure, Kalin’s odyssey from a guy who just likes to build stuff with his hands to a guy who still likes to build stuff with his hands (except he revolutionized the business of hand made goods), should be a lesson for everyone.”

It was glowing praise, but the same positive aura seems to be diminishing in the eyes of pundits. The problem with Etsy is the problem of all self-proclaimed individualists—how to maintain integrity in the face of massive commercial appeal. In Etsy’s case, how long before it revises its iron-bound ‘handmade only’ rule and lets the corporates in?

In the wake of a revealing new feature article on Etsy from The Wall Street Journal (subscription required for a full read), many have openly opined how difficult it will be for the 200-person handicrafts haven to scale.

Despite this, CEO and founder Rob Kalin seems more convinced than ever that he must stay the course and probably pull off a Captain Ahab. See, Etsy’s current valuation at $300 million right now, but an IPO is still far off (and might never happen). At least this is what Etsy maintains.

Via: Betabeat