Work For Us: Recruitment Goes Social

For most folks, Facebook is less about work and more about play (Farmville, anyone?). Some companies though think otherwise and are tapping the world’s biggest social network by using it as a recruitment platform. We’ve all seen those ads in Facebook that want you to work for such-and-such or the random Wall post of a friend saying they are hiring for some position or another.

Work4Labs now makes these job postings easier and more formal through an official Facebook app called Work For Us. Companies can add the app to create a job board tab on their Fan page where people can apply to openings and submit resumes right on Facebook. Users can also “Like” and “Share” those jobs and spread them to their own friend networks. Of course, you can still create Facebook ads to get more people to apply to your posting. It’s become pretty popular with around 2,000 companies already using the app including Accenture and Amadeus. The app is free for 30 days and charges from $9 a month for 5 postings to $500 a month for unlimited postings.