Will Google Buy SinglePlatform?

Single Platform logoThe only clue so far is an unnamed source claimed that SinglePlatform and Google were having “numerous talks back and forth.” Aside from this, there’s little else to go on except speculation. Still, the mere hint of a possible acquisition confirms Google’s drive to have a good chunk of the technology being developed here at the Big Apple at its disposal. SinglePlatform allows small businesses to manage their updates on various social media platforms through a SinglePlatform account (hence their name).

Why Google would be interested in SinglePlatform is probably because the latter can partner with hundreds, if not, thousands of small businesses in New York and beyond. SinglePlatform was founded in 2010 by Wiley Cerrilli, at a time that will likely go down as the year startups exploded across NYC. Cerilli’s previous experience with online restaurant takeout portal SeamlessWeb proved valuable in getting his new startup off the ground. In fact, SinglePlatform’s client base in the early days were mostly restaurants wanting to promote themselves through different social media outlets without the hassle of accessing multiple accounts.

Besides contemplating the reasons for a Google acquisition, the SinglePlatform saga will have to write its own ending. Expect more news on this in the coming weeks.

Via: Business Insider