Why A Crowded Metropolis Is Better For A Tech Scene

New York At NightTo spare the reader a lengthy discourse, a crowded city is better because the convenience of working in an office near other conveniences, like restaurants and bars. It sounds really simplistic, but it’s putting a fresh argument for the vitality of the tech scene in a nutshell, an effort that naturally puts Silicon Valley (with a ‘v’) in a bad light.

A recent article from the Atlantic introduces this different perspective on the local tech boom’s appeal by making the case for a city-centric technology environment, one that replaces the horizontal inclination of Silicon Valley, even if the Valley is still the world’s tech capital.

Titled “Start-Up New York?” and spanning several hundred persuasive words, the Richard Florida piece made the usual references to the Alley’s achievements, like surpassing Boston, the oncoming tech campus in Roosevelt Island, and having a large Google office in town. The cumulative effect of these developments was a shift from the ‘nerdistan’ model to a cosmo-sophisticated environment where entrepreneurs, who are restless and mobile (and build businesses for the mobile market), work and play.

It’s a fun read, definitely worth several minutes of spare time. It also comes with a handy map indicating where the VCs and the Alley’s 400-odd (some of them are genuinely odd) startups are located.

Via: the Atlantic