Which Big Apple Tech Companies Are Raking In The Mostest?

gawker-logoDespite the social networking bent of most startups that were launched in the last three years, it’s the new media crowd who’ve made the most cash, according to columnist Thomas Oppong. Leading the pack is Gawker and the Huffington Post, the latter grabbing lots of headlines recently after its purchase by AOL. It’s not trendy news sites alone that are profitable though, since e-commerce portals like Etsy, SecondMarket, and AppNexus are doing great business as well. The criteria for this select list is any company that is generating at least $10 million in profit. Not mentioned is the fact that these success stories are doing more than their own share of game changing thanks to a local environment that’s just crackling with opportunity. No wonder so many accelerators are rolling out carefully tailored programs this summer.

Via: Allstartups.com