Wanted: College Students for CollegeOnly

“I like your mom, but why is she poking me?” If you’ve ever asked this question to your college roommate whose mom is your FaceBook contact, then you’ll be glad to hear that CollegeOnly will be free from poking moms.

NYC-based CollegeOnly is a social network that works like FaceBook only, as its name suggests, it’s exclusive for college students like the big FB once was. The social network was recently opened to the public last week.

CollegeOnly was founded by Josh Weinstein, who saw the need for the college demography to have its own social networking site, as compared to FaceBook which welcomes everyone to their network. CollegeOnly will allow students to upload pictures and post comments on their wall without having to ask, “what if my parents see this?”

College Only found funding support from companies like FirstMark Capital and Softbank. Other angel investors included IAC/Highline VP, David Kidder, David Tisch, and Peter Thiel, one of the co-founders of PayPal and an investor of FaceBook back in the day.

Obviously, CollegeOnly will not be open to the public and will remain exclusive for college students. So, if you find yourself graduating soon, get ready to be “expelled” from CollegeOnly.

Aside from CollegeOnly, Josh Weinstein had also founded other college-exclusive sites such as RandomDorm and GoodCrush, both of which helped seeded the capital for their newest sibling site, CollegeOnly. Expect CollegeOnly to have students pouring in on the site for the next few months.