Visual Revenue Predicts Your Future Pageviews

Visual Revenue has a very compelling offer. What if you could predict how a certain news article would perform 15 minutes in the future? That’s precisely the question they want to answer for you. Whether you’re a newsroom that wants to serve the most relevant article on your front page or a media company that wants its best foot forward always, there’s room for you in Visual Revenue’s long list of clients.

The New York-based web traffic prediction service was just funded by IA Ventures and Softbank in a $1.7 million Series B. The money will be used to hire more talent to build a “Bloomberg Terminal for news” and they’re seeking out excellent engineers, a designer and managers to round out their team.

The company is doing really well and counts as its clients prominent organizations like Forbes, CNN Money, Fast Company, among others. Not bad for a startup that’s less than a couple of years old.

Via: Betabeat