Tumblr Secures Humongous Series E Round

Tumblr-logoLike a meteor burning across the night sky, Tumblr has managed to distinguish itself once more. Quite an incredible feat considering how little revenue it has. It’s actually best not to mention the revenue bit, as even the VCs supporting the round choose to stay vague on that particular front. Case in point, someone associated with Greylock Partners made a comment about succeeding in “months and years.” The person meant decent revenue.

Tumblr’s good fortune is best explained by Facebook’s ubiquitousness. In a world full of Facebook, where else can people hang out (other than FB, of course)? For this reason, Tumblr is burning hot. So hot, millions of people visit Tumblr blogs everyday.

To date, in as little as two years Tumblr has managed to become the biggest blogging platform on Earth. Its own page views put Wikipedia to shame and the staggering 30 million blogs it hosts leave WordPress in the dust.

For this reason it has become the recipient of an $85 million Series E round from a bunch of high profile investors including Richard Branson (what?), Spark Capital, Greylock Partners, Chernin Group, Insight Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and old timers Union Square. Oh right, Union Square. Consider the Tumblr success story another notch in Fred Wilson’s belt.

Tumblr’s stratospheric ascent to world domination can only get crazier if a Series F funding round happens in a few months led by Yuri Milner.

In the meantime, congratulations Tumblr!

Via: Betabeat