Tumblr Reaches 120M Users Per Month

Tumblr, that infamous microblogging site, is now visited by 120 million people every month. This was announced by none other than CEO and Founder David Karp in Munich earlier this week.

On top of that, the social network slash blogging site also grabs 15 billion page views monthly. Some other stats gathered in the site’s About Us page include 16 billion total posts and 42 million blogs hosted on the service.

In an interview during the Digital Life Design conference, Karp outlined how his company gathered steam during the initial months by both creating tools for content creators as well as avoiding social networking features like comments and tagging. The center of the ecosystem is the creator, while keeping the audience both engaged but in the periphery.

“The early growth that we saw was around creators… our first community was those creators. We didn’t set out to build a network… all we wanted to do was make novel tools,” Karp explained.

Going forward, Tumblr will be expanding to reach out to more international audiences. To date, 45 percent of its audience resides in the U.S. The coming months will also see  the company pursue revenue streams that fit its business model.

Via: VentureBeat