Tumblr Is Growing At An Astonishing Pace

Tumblr logoSo astonishing, the news just leaked about it now being as big as WordPress. Of course, this special occasion for popping the champagne to celebrate the big numbers—think 20 million active blogs over at Tumblr, which is a blog platform with a healthy dose of social networking features.

A certain Adrienne Jeffries has objected to the news though. Not that Tumblr is lousy—far form it—but there’s some gross mis-comparison going on, he writes in a recent article.

Still, the rapid expansion of Tumblr marks a new…it’s a little frightful to use the ‘bubble’ word but how else should the rise and sad declines of social networking be defined.

So yes, aside from the very informed opinions of Adrienne Jeffries, do social networks that expand at a cracklin’ pace be considered bubbles? After all, look at those who’ve fallen by the wayside over the years. Their individual declines have been so startling, the mere mention of them is a bit unfashionable. (Uh, MySpace?)

So the big question now is, in the years ahead, will there be a growing consesnsus that the whole social networking universe is merely a succession of bubbles?

One last minute detail of some interest: If you missed yesterday’s illuminating profile of Fred Wilson’s family, his daughter Jessica has a Tumblr blog too.

Via: Betabeat