Tumblr Has A Dark Secret: Spammers!

Tumblr-logoThe bad part is they’re all over the place, cluttering the hyper-popular blogging platform with countless spam blogs that link to other people’s blogs ad infinitum. The worrying part is Tumblr is still in the process of undoing the spam pestilence, much to the ire of loyal Tumblr loggers who’ve done their fair share of complaining.

This latest setback for Tumblr joins its growing list of ills that include an unimpressive revenue stream and general discontent about how it’s run. This spamming contagion is different though and last week Tumblr reached out to a distraught user who runs the Fresh Air ‘weekday magazine.’ The message read:

We’re doing everything we can to quickly suspend these blogs and to keep more of them from being created.

As Tumblr finds and suspends these blogs, you may see that your Followers count seems incorrect for a period of time. Our Follower indexing system time to recognize that a given blog has been suspended and to then not count that suspended blog in your Followers count. We’ll update your Followers count correctly after a period of time.

That’s just a small portion of the lengthy note. The spam problem could end up becoming a grave threat to Tumblr’s meteoric rise for the simple reason that Tumblr is generating so much content. This begs the q: How much of that is spam-related?

Via: Techcrunch