Tumbler Crosses Billion-Posts Mark

If you’re still doubting the success that is called Tumblr, then doubt no more: Tumblr has just broken the record with more than a billion posts, and still going for more.

Before crossing over the billions-posts mark, the microblogging (they prefer the term tumblelogging) site has already been piling up huge numbers: over 6 million users, 1.5 billion pageviews each month, and 4.5 million new posts a day. No wonder those numbers racked up to a billion posts

The hilarious thing about Tumblr’s billion-posts record was that the counter was only set to count up to 999,999,999 posts, and when the counter was broken, the Tumblr knew it was rocketing off to a new level.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 by New Yorker David Karp, who actually used his own money to fund the blogging platform. Tumblr came out at the time Facebook was making waves as the most popular online community site, but Tumblr made its way to the top.

In 2009, Tumblr had its own Tumblr iPhone app developed by Jeff Rock, and in March 2010, Tumblr became available through Blackberry smart phones through a Mobelux app.

The winning feature of Tumblr was its easy-to-use interface and sign up process, making 75,000 bloggers switch to the blogging platform when it came out. Today, Tumblr has now more than 7 million users, and counting.  It seems Tumblr is going nowhere but up.

via TechCrunch