Tracks Gets A Million Bucks In Seed Money

Hardly six months old, Tracks are proof that the art of photo-sharing is far from has-been status. After-relaunching at the onset of the ‘ber months, Tracks are now the recipients of a generous seed round shared between VC firms and a whole bunch of angels. These include General Catalyst, Eniac ventures, and the glowing patronage of Alex ‘The Photobucket Guy’ Welch.

For those who are new to Tracks, it’s a mobile app that lets users create mini-social network among peers and friends for the exclusive purpose of sharing pics. The real interesting part is a duration can be set for a particular track, thus imbuing the exercise with a narrative pace that different people involved in the same experience may contribute to.

As the year draws to a close and Christmas is 24 hours away, yours truly extends his greetings to all our readers. Thanks for sticking around and keep it rocking.


Via: Betabeat