TinyProj Closing Shop, Hands Keys To GroupTalent

TinyProj is a site where you can get your short projects done. Well, it was a site that did that, but it seems that its founder, Kyle Bragger, is closing it down. But fear not, your projects are in good hands since he’s passing the torch to GroupTalent, another great site for finding developers and designers to help you out with your project-based work.

If you’re a startup founder that has the chops to work on something part-time and won’t mind the extra cash, GroupTalent is the place for you. It’s actually a great place to bootstrap yourself or to earn some spending money while waiting for your funding.

The site also works for funded startups, since it only accepts the best into its pool of talent so projects will always get the skills that it deserve. There’s a lot of highly-skilled technical talent out there, according to GroupTalent CEO Manuel Medina. He adds, “Most companies think of talent in terms of full-time, but there is a large and growing demand from technical talent for project-based work.”

Bragger is now moving the userbase of TinyProj to GroupTalent so he can spend more time in growing his other community startup Forrst.

Via: TC