These Four Guys Are Running An App Factory

John Britton“Factory” would be rather ill-fitting, to be honest. It’s too industrial a word to describe less than a handful of guys cramming a lot of work over a weekend. But no other word would suffice to describe 48hourapps, who build apps over weekends for a smooth ten grand. Ludicrous? Not for John Britton, who traveled extensively prior to his current stint as part of the small team behind 48hourapps, all of whom have day jobs. It’s a weekend thing.

John was interviewed by The Next Web recently. Here is a glimpse into his mind:

“In theory, if Britton chose not to sleep on the weekend for an entire year, he could be making an extra half million in earnings. And even if all 4 people on the team are working on the app, they’re still getting $2,500 each for the weekend. After it’s done, they hand over all the IP and code. With all of the inbound requests, Britton is considering selling leads to other developers.”

To his credit and the rest of his team at 48hourapps (namely Jon Gottfried, Jarod Reyes, and Chris Kennedy) they’re a prolific bunch whoa re so overloaded, they turn down lots of proposals each week. So yeah, calling them an app factory does apply.

There’s a palpable sense John Britton is the type of person who’s never existed before, a prolific coder who does it for reasons that are best left unarticulated. (It’s just too easy to say it’s for the moolah.) Is he a latter day Lord Byron? Are there others like him? More on this front in the future.

Via: The Next Web