There Was A Tech Job Fair Recently

SATF 2011It was really fun too, with drinks, table tennis, and a good-sized after party. Despite the appeal, what transpired over at Chelsea for this year’s Silicon Alley Talent Fair was a ray of hope for anyone who likes to be at the cutting edge of a growing movement.

Of course, pop out a story about either ‘jobs’ or ‘startups’ and a longstanding headache isn’t far off; New York really needs more people in tech. It’s funny, because Silicon Alley had a very good 2011 with lost of encouraging funding rounds. What isn’t funny is so many small outfits are still struggling to get their hands on a few good men (and women).

What happened last week at the Altman Building produced confident results. That sounds a tad vague. To phrase it better, even despite the overwhelming economic doldrums, the technology sector is in great shape, with ample space to grow and a huge demand for programmers who can handle difficult tasks in a fast-paced environment.

Since the SATF’s November year-end edition went so smoothly, another one is already in the works for April 2012.

Via: NY Post