The Tao Of Moot: 4Chan Founder Shares Wisdom At Web 2.0

Chris PooleIf a meme ever brought a smile to your face, better thank Chris Poole for birthing 4Chan. Okay, so there’s porn galore and generally NSFW content down there (still is), as well as a shadow army of rabid hacktivists, but Chris has moved on to greater endeavors with, which has received its fair share of coverage here at NY Tech Blog. is cool too. But this post isn’t about, it’s about Chris ‘Moot’ Poole himself. Specifically what he said about the metaphysical nature of online identity; owing to his experience, he’s a champion of anonymous trolling for creativity’s sake.

Since Poole is a strapping young tech hero as well, he goes places and keynotes every once in a while. He’s really the dark horse of today’s technology renegades. Not a freshly minted billionaire, but certainly possessing a reputation. After all, he’s got a sweet position over at Lerer Ventures. No wonder he can gently poke criticism at Facebook and Google. Humans are diamonds, he says. Multifaceted and ever glittering.

This was uttered at a keynote during the Web 2.0 summit this week. He pointedly put both Facebook and Google+ in their respective places. A transcript is unavailable, but there’s journalistic analysis available for consumption.

According to him:

“Facebook and Google do identity wrong, Twitter does it better…But I want us to think about what the world would be like if we did it right.”

To be honest to the point of semi-embarassment, this kind of semi-philosophical public reflection almost cast’s Moot as a latter-day existentialist in this lulz-ful age.

If anyone wants to bother, candid discussions are welcome in the comments below.

Via: Betabeat