The People Working At Hashable Must Be Very Happy Right Now

Especially after they scored $4 million from Union Square Ventures this week. (Don’t let the picture at the left fool you though) Light on its feet and quick to reinvent itself according to the needs of the times, those unfamiliar with Hashable lore should know that founder and CEO Michael Yavonditte re-launched the company that was previously named Back then Tracked was literally (forgive the cheese) on a different track, being a competitor with Yahoo Finance. When the odds seemed too steep however, Yavonditte decided to change.

What came out of that decision was Hashable, which allows users to map out their networks in a particular city. There’s actually an enlightening piece on Yavonditte’s baby here at NY Tech Blog that was published a month ago, those hankering for extra background should check it out.

The ace up Hashable’s sleeve is the functionality it provides users who wish to grow the connections they currently have. The icing on the cake is you’ll know exactly who’s meeting who, which is most excellent for an entrepreneur wanting to make his presence felt among VC circles or a VC wanting to keep in touch with who’s launching what.

With the momentum of the New York tech scene growing and growing, Hashable could not have come at a better time. To date, Hashable has already raised $11 million, with a pre-money valuation worth $25 million. Considering the numbers, expect to be reading about Yavonditte’s company again soon.

Via: Business Insider