The NY Tech Campus Saga: Cornell And Israeli Partner Wins

That partner being the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Stanford? Too bad. The revered West Coast institutions that incubated Silicon valley’s iconic companies (like HP, for example) pulled out of the competition late last week. The reasons were a bit vague, though an inability to meet eye-to-eye with NY officials was cited a s a reason. Another interesting occurrence in this drawn out affair was Cornell’s generous $350 million dollar donor. Totally anonymous but a decisive boost to the whole project.

As the year draws to its final two weeks, nothing less than a historic event climaxed the year in NY tech. In an exclusive press con at Cornell Medical on Monday, Mayor Bloomberg himself announced the arrival of Cornell tech. That’s right, after months and months of speculation, Cornell has emerged as the leading institution that will have the benefit of a brand new campus on Roosevelt Island. Pictures and simulations have already gone viral as public curiosity on the development has grown since Mayor Mike’s announcement.

According to updated news reports, the firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill LLP has been contracted to design the new campus, which will allegedly be spacious, space-conscious, and energy friendly. If the new tech uni does live up to its promise, then at long last, New York has made its mark in the technology sector.


Via: Betabeat