Thanks To Drchrono Paperless Clinics Are A Reality

Drchrono founderAs soon as every practicing doctor starts using the iPad app. This becomes reality once a new government incentive program kicks in, thereby easing the transition to a tablet-aided medical practice. (Pictured left is cofounder Michael Nusinow.)

If Drchrono hardly rings a bell, don’t fret. It’s an all encompassing app that allows doctors to eschew the usual paperwork and manage their patient files using an iPad. This means no more filing cabinets and no more barely legible doctor’s scrawl on prescription notes. When Drchrono was last featured here at NY Tech Blog, the company had just scored generous seed funding:

“Drchrono is an iPad app that voids all the usual paperwork of the medical profession and lets doctors work on their medical records thru the iPad. By work is meant everything from prescriptions to notes to patient history. Everything.”

The incredibly good news is Drchrono just got certified by the government as a Meaningful Use tool. That means doctors who switch to Drchrono can get $44,000 worth of incentives.

The means of earning these incentives depends on the usage of Drchrono. Apparently the app itself keeps tab on this front and transmits the data for the equivalent incentive amount to be released.

Via: Techcrunch