TechStars Want To Cultivate HackStars

Are you:

  1. A Java, Ruby, .NET, UI/UX/Javascript expert?
  2. Eager to learn about startups and earn the necessary experience points?
  3. Want to become part of a dynamic tech scene?
  4. Live in a TechStars city (or at least willing to relocate)?

If your answer to all four questions is a resounding yes, then go ahead and sign up for HackStars. It’s the newest layer of TechStar’s much vaunted incubator program and aims to marry ronin software coders to startups for a mutually beneficial partnership. Basically the coders get the work, experience, and free learning curves while entrepreneurs are spared the hassle of scouting for talent. Can somebody call this a perfect deal now?

It’s also a wonderful, shining, golden (call it whatever superlative possible) opportunity for untested coder guys/girls to cut their teeth in the vibrant tech scene of the Big Apple. The only glitch imaginable for such a program is the often nomadic inclination of coders to dip their fingers in different pies. While this practice is a plus-plus career wise, TechStars want to produce great partnerships where their budding HackStars can fully invest their talents in a willing startup.

The HackStars initiative is a nationwide event that will see action in every TechStars locale, from Boulder to the Big Apple. However, it was mentioned that if you want to have a go at it but don’t live nearby, you must be willing to move. Here’s a big incentive though: HackStars can earn $6,000 participating or working in any of TechStars’ three-month programs.

Via: Business Insider