TechStars Raises Lotsa Cash

cash money Eight million dollars of it, to be specific. Thanks to generous venture funds and more than two dozen angels. The money boost will allow TechStars to expand its programs across several U.S. cities, including New York. This just weeks after TechStars rolled out its summer program, itself a vaunted three month course where entrepreneurs get to pick brains and learn stuff from the very same people who might end  invest in their startup. Or at least give them all important contacts.

The availability of new funds will also impact the summer’s TechStars action. Co-founder David Cohen has revealed TechStars 2011 is going to have two sessions. That way it can harness a broader range of talent, wherever they may come from. TechStars has quite a solid track record and it wouldn’t be a surprise to think they’ve got grander plans in the future.

Via: TechCrunch