Techcrunch Gives Two Tickets For Hackathon Teams

News of Techcrunch’s highly anticipated Disrupt Conference (happening now) has already been featured here at NY Tech Blog. To spice up the pre-con mood, Techcrunch organized a 24 hour Hackathon on the eve of the event, with free tickets for participating teams and demo rights for the winners. Turns out plans needed last minute changing due to the huge turnout.

Here’s how Techcrunch teased the Hackathon weeks earlier:

“The Hackathon is free. There will be great food, fast wifi and each presenting team will get tickets to the full conference. Teams will be judged by an audience of tech luminaries. Winners will present on Wednesday, May 25th on the Disrupt main stage. The TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon promises to be one of the best attended hacking events of the year—if you’re a developer/hacker/maker this is a do-not-miss opportunity. Last year, GroupMe was born at the Disrupt Hackathon. Will another great startup will emerge from this year’s pack? Will it be yours?”

The Hackathon is a coder’s dream. Spend a whole day feverishly preparing an app and demo it before a panel. Techcrunch had enough tickets at the start, except so many signed up the organizers (them) started wondering if the tickets were too few.

Then fewer than expected actually participated, and the hundred demos by a motley succession of teams (some just had a single person) compelled them to be generous. So it’s two tickets per team.

There’s a blow-by-blow account of the Hackathon. Read for the whole scoop on what went down.

At least they got to spread the happiness. To date, tickets to the Disrupt conference are going for $2,995.

Via: Betabeat