Tech Journo Sarah Lacy: Alley Is Different From Valley

Sarah Lacy In their latest round of broadcasted conversation earlier this week, Paul Carr and Sarah Lacy (live from the rainy Big Apple via Skype) weighed in on what makes Silicon Alley special. Since Lacy was reporting from the ground, her views on the matter were more substantial thanks to first hand experience and a convenient book tour she just undertook. (Even though her track record suggested a longer acquaintance with Silicon Valley.) Carr, on the other hand, proved the skeptic whose queries cast doubt on the East Coast tech boom from the comfort of a dry studio. Though both didn’t really delve into the nitty gritty they covered all the bases related to Big Apple startups, especially Lacy, who made a few good points.

First, having visited Foursquare HQ (the only startup that would qualify as unofficial tech ambassador for NYC) she noted how much bigger the company would be if it had more engineers or were located in the Valley. Second, Sarah was right on target mentioning that too few startups were growing too slow, with little profit to show for it. (This is a potential bone of contention if entrepreneurs could weigh in on the matter themselves.) Third, considering that the whole startup boom sprang forth from the womb of social media and New York is the epicenter of old media, she and Carr wondered why not enough hyper traction was being made by startups when it comes to monetizing content. Fourth and last, it’s really the best it’s ever been for startups, but New York isn’t a tech-centric mecca like Silicon Valley because so many other industries share real estate here.

Watch the whole video essay/interview by opening the source link below and feel free to share insight in the comments section down south.

Via: Techcrunch