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OMGPOP’s Smash Hit Game “Draw Something” Gives Their Investors A 10X Return

Zynga recently acquired game developer and publisher OMGPOP for $180M, securing a whopping 10x return for its investors. With this megadeal, OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter was announced as the new VP and general manager of Zynga New York. “On March 21, 2012, we acquired 100% of the outstanding stock of OMGPOP, Inc., a provider of [...]


NY Tech Startups Would Rather Stay Private

In the wake of Facebook‘s recent multi-billion dollar valuation by Goldman Sachs and its accompanying $450 million investment, IPO’s have suddenly become passe. Long gone are the days where companies saw IPO’s as a rite of passage that earned them respectability in the public eye. Even entrepreneur’s of today’s emerging tech startups across the Big [...]


Google Secretly Investing In Zynga?

This has certainly been a quiet investment for Google, to say the least. Sources are saying that the investment was made by the big G itself and not their investing arm. Furthermore, it looks like that the company that made Farmville will be the base of Google’s future gaming venture. Zynga is reported to have [...]