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Startups Finally Moving To Respectable Office Spaces

Since 2011 proved to be an incredible year of growth in the tech scene, it comes as no surprise that a huge migration is ongoing among once fledgling companies. In the span of a single week, reports have confirmed that both Foursquare and Zaarly have laid plans for moving. In fact, the latter has an [...]


A Brief Glimpse Into The Errands Business

A few months back, Zaarly were peddling a novel experience to their mobile market. Basically a Craigslist for any possible item, Zaarly allowed a user to purchase almost anything form people nearby. Operating on the same principle is TaskRabbit, which sells part-time manpower for real humdrum tasks like delivering a package. The magic of TaskRabbit, [...]


Why Zaarly Is Having A Tough Time Right Now

For starters, the buy and sell portal that’s been dubbed a ‘real-time Craigslist’ launched in the Big Apple last month and has since made some sort of difference. An interesting factoid about Zaarly is it being a venture that’s received investment cash from Ashton Kutcher and Mike Arrington. Despite this, it seems to be having [...]