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Union Square Teeming With Tech

Union Square is a strange place. The office space here  is actually more expensive per square foot and high speed internet access isn’t readily available. Despite these drawbacks it’s the beating heart and de facto capital of the NYC tech resurgence. Other than the big names such as Apple and Union Square Ventures HQ that [...]


The People Working At Hashable Must Be Very Happy Right Now

Especially after they scored $4 million from Union Square Ventures this week. (Don’t let the picture at the left fool you though) Light on its feet and quick to reinvent itself according to the needs of the times, those unfamiliar with Hashable lore should know that founder and CEO Michael Yavonditte re-launched the company that [...]


iAd Sales Team Setting Up Shop In Manhattan

There’s no official opening date yet, but Apple has announced it’s opening a new office in Manhattan (near Union Square) that will exclusively house the iAd sales team. Apple’s iAd presence in the Big Apple is presently confined to a cramped SoHo office. The new move is expected to solidify Apple’s foothold in New York, [...]