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Charlie O’Donnell Builds Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

One of the best VCs in New York tech is starting his own fund right at the heart of Brooklyn. Charlie O’Donnell, former founder and CEO of Path 101, is raising $7 to $10 million for his new firm Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, which they’ll use to help get early and seed stage tech companies get off the [...]


Andy Weismann Exits Betaworks, Hops Aboard Union Square Ventures

That’s right. No less than the co-founder of business accelerator Betaworks has made a graceful exit. The real shocking part is Andy Weismann, who allegedly had a conflict of interest with Betaworks’ own VC backers, has now joined Union Square Ventures. Thankfully, there’s not much of a hubbub or the slightest hint of awful controversy. [...]


Union Square Ventures Really Likes New York City

USV likes the Big Apple so much in fact, that three of the six investments they’ve sourced in Europe have relocated here. Rather surprisingly, the opposite is the gist of Fred Wilson’s short piece recently featured on Business Insider. Originally published at the A VC blog, the article (titled “Some Thoughts On Geography”) makes a case for [...]