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Maureen Farrel Thinks Hashable Is Ready To Explode

Not literally, but the way Foursquare and Twitter did in the aftermath of previous SXSWs. Doing something remotely connected to social media these days (especially if your work address is in the Big Apple) always inspires the pseudo-existential question: “Is [enter startup here] the next billion dollar company?” Maureen Farrel spent 90 minutes pondering such [...]


New York And Silicon Valley Tie On SXSW Startup Bus Challenge

What happens when busloads of nerds flock to SXSW? A startup challenge, that’s what. Coming up with a viable idea under time pressure then launching a prototype just as fast before the all-important pitch is familiar territory for most digital entrepreneurs. What made the Startup Bus Challenge different was the setting–busloads of coders and really [...]