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NYCEDC Releases Edutech.NYC.2020 Report

New York City Economic Development Corporation released their Edutech.NYC.2020 report giving an in-depth study of NYC’s Edutech industry. The report highlings Edutech’s global growth opportunities and the city’s local competitive advantages. The emerging Edutech industry applies innovative technology that delivers learner-centric and personalized educational methods. It also provides students with easier access to educational materials, [...]


In New York, Everyone Has The Startup Bug

Thanks to so much money being poured into fledgling startups and big news about hefty IPOs, the bandwagon is nearly filled to bursting. At least this is the tone of Adrienne Jeffries’ latest article. The lengthy piece examines not so much what’s happening but what’s going on behind what’s happening. The best word that comes [...]


Is The Startup Bandwagon Getting Crowded?

If you ask VCs, it’s okay if it’s crowded. Despite the never ending claims that an apocalyptic bubble is at hand, the ‘low barriers of entry’ of the NY tech scene is a blessing. This is the gist of a new article from Xconmoy which sought to explain the current environment. Apparently, the relative youth [...]