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Google Guys Want Stanford In NYC

Stanford is really making a huge, titanic effort to ultimately claim a slice of local real estate for its tech campus. As part of this relentless drive, Stanford rallied its most stellar alumnal pair, none other than the Google guys themselves. That’s Larry Page and his buddy Sergey Brin, who were unreserved in their high [...]


Speculation About NY Tech University Gets Hotter

As of this writing, the rumored runner ups are Stanford (no surprise), Cornell, and Israel’s Technion. No word yet on that South Korean uni that was also jostling for the coveted prize The last time a news piece ran on the city’s bid for an honest-to-goodness tech college, it went: “Stanford, arguably the mother of [...]


So Much For A Talent Exodus: Stanford NYC Branch Coming Soon?

If Stanford moved to New York, would there still be endless moaning about a shortage of engineering talent? Unlikely. Stanford, arguably the mother of all technology incubators (see Hewlett Packard, Google, Silicon Valley, etc.), has “expressed interest” in opening an engineering campus on Roosevelt Island. The initial tremors of this earth shaking bit of news–the [...]