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Why A Crowded Metropolis Is Better For A Tech Scene

To spare the reader a lengthy discourse, a crowded city is better because the convenience of working in an office near other conveniences, like restaurants and bars. It sounds really simplistic, but it’s putting a fresh argument for the vitality of the tech scene in a nutshell, an effort that naturally puts Silicon Valley (with [...]


Some Of The Stuff That Makes Silicon Alley Better

A few months ago, Silicon Alley possessed a handful of advantages over its congenial rival in the West Coast. The paradigm has shifted a bit since and one astute writer pointed out exactly where the Alley wins hands down. Matt Straz is right on the money when he hails the intersection of media and marketing [...]


Is There A Ground Zero For Silicon Alley?

There is. Not exactly ground zero, but a strip of real estate where most of the action happens in the scene. According to columnist Jonathan Vatner, the Flatiron district and neighboring Chelsea is where it’s at. What makes them special? For starters, Google is there. Second, all the big VC offices are a short walk [...]