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Disrupt NYC To Tackle Big Advertising Questions

Exactly. Thanks to a rejuvenated environment where the very nature of commerce and transactions are changing, advertisers and the general public alike have to know which direction the ship is heading. To do everyone a favor, the guys at Techcrunch are unrolling a follow up Disrupt NYC summit from May 23 to 25. Below is [...]


New York By Southwest Rallies For SXSW

Hot on striking it big like Twitter and Foursquare, a lot of New York startups are banding together for the upcoming SXSW mega-event next month in Austin. Rather than just troop to the Lone Star State individually, a rare alliance has brought together a who’s who in the tech scene. Thus came to be New [...]


Union Square Ventures Launches $165 Million Opportunity Fund

Union Square Ventures has just launched a later-stage funding initiative called the Opportunity Fund. The reason behind the launch is two-pronged. First, USV is known to specialize in early stage investing but becomes scarce after companies have developed portfolios. So the Opportunity Fund lets the VC firm take part in the action while their clients grow. Second, [...]