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Groupon Buys NY Startup Hyperpublic For An Undisclosed Amount

Daily deals giant Groupon acquired two-year-old, New York based company Hyperpublic for a still undisclosed amount in a move to access the latter’s rich, publicly available social data that has to do with how consumers make commercial decisions. In a note posted on its website, Hyperpublic said, “We set out to change the way people [...]


Hyperpublic Hires Coders Who Survive Rigorous Challenge

The challenge itself doesn’t involve physical feats of herculean daring. It’s actually straightforward, albeit time consuming, and will keep the prospective developer riveted to their seat. Dubbed the ‘developer challenge,’ this out of the box approach to attracting talent seeks to bring a clever few into Hyperpublic’s orbit. According to founder Jordan Cooper, the whole [...]


An Interview With Doug Petkanics, Co-Founder of Hyperpublic

Doug Petkanics is the co-founder of Hyperpublic, a web utility to discover the people, places and things in a person’s hyper-location. Hyperpublic is building a structured dataset for the user’s local world.  Not only is it a web portal for a user to upload/discover their local environment, it’s also a platform and data provider for [...]