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eBay Buys Hunch For A Pile Of Money

The pile amounts to a whopping $80 million and culminates a long circulating rumor. This isn’t the first time Hunch grabbed lots of attention either. A quick perusal of NY Tech Blog archives shines a light on their previous milestones, including the controversial exit of Caterina Fake a year ago. Back then, the drama unfolded [...]


Hunch Wants People To Find Their Taste

Wanting to be more than a recommendation hub for people out for kicks, Hunch recently unveiled a serious upgrade to their platform. A lengthy post over at the Hunch blog did the explaining much better, so here’s a helpful selection that begins with: “Starting today you’ll notice a new look to the activity feed on [...]


Caterina Fake Exits Hunch, Rumor Mill In Overdrive

It’s official, ladies and gentlemen. Caterina Fake is scheduled to leave Hunch before 2010 wraps. However, she will maintain a vague advisory role (“Yes, staying on as an advisor is the most likely scenario”). In the meantime, news of her departure has officially broken across the web, thereby confirming rumors that have been swirling since October. [...]