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Maureen Farrel Thinks Hashable Is Ready To Explode

Not literally, but the way Foursquare and Twitter did in the aftermath of previous SXSWs. Doing something remotely connected to social media these days (especially if your work address is in the Big Apple) always inspires the pseudo-existential question: “Is [enter startup here] the next billion dollar company?” Maureen Farrel spent 90 minutes pondering such [...]


The People Working At Hashable Must Be Very Happy Right Now

Especially after they scored $4 million from Union Square Ventures this week. (Don’t let the picture at the left fool you though) Light on its feet and quick to reinvent itself according to the needs of the times, those unfamiliar with Hashable lore should know that founder and CEO Michael Yavonditte re-launched the company that [...]


Hashable Is Getting Hotter And Hotter

To think it hasn’t even hatched from its by-invitation beta cocoon yet. The VC-funded startup has already sucked in a veritable who’s who of the NY startup scene. Not surprising, since Hashable is a tailor made hub for introductions, where users “post meaningful connections with people and see who else in your community is connecting.” After [...]