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Skillcrush Offers Tech Help to Guys Too

New startup  Skillcrush may look a little girly, but it offers help for men too. The site may be a bit pink and has topics like “beautify your blog”, but it also offers general help for the non-techie who wants to make the internet her (or his) second home. Other tutorials teach to how to put up [...]


Hackathon For Humanity Happens In A Posh Place

And it doesn’t get any posher than the Hamptons. For several days no less than two dozen girl hackers will be developing tech for a cause in a secluded hideaway. (it’s not that secluded.) The cause:  Human Trafficking. Or the combating of such. There’s been a rash of anti-trafficking drives as of late, but this [...]


Girl Develop IT Gives Women Programmers an Edge

When it comes to the tech scene, women don’t fare as well as men do. Whether it’s because of social biases or genetic wiring is another issue, but Sarah Chipps believe that changing the statistics lies in one solution: create “rockstar women programmers.” That’s why Sara Chipps co-founded Girl Develop IT, a 16-series programming class [...]