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Colourlovers Acquires Forrst For An Undisclosed Sum

Forrst announced recently that the company has been acquired by Colourlovers’ parent company, ChromaOm. “Can’t disclose how much it was for, but everyone is happy with the outcome,” said Forrst Founder Kyle Bragger in an interview with Betabeat. Forrst is widely known among developers and designers who are very much eager to improve their creative skills. The [...]


TinyProj Closing Shop, Hands Keys To GroupTalent

TinyProj is a site where you can get your short projects done. Well, it was a site that did that, but it seems that its founder, Kyle Bragger, is closing it down. But fear not, your projects are in good hands since he’s passing the torch to GroupTalent, another great site for finding developers and [...]


New York Startup Comes Out Swinging

An Irish entrepreneur launched a suspiciously similar website with suspiciously similar features to one of our own. The grieved party is Forrst, a designer/developer haven based locally. In a lawsuit filed at the New York Southern District Court, the guys at Forsst want Fursst to pay. Wait, Fursst? It’s an Ireland based startup launched by [...]