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Poppin Raises $6M, Plans To Officially Launch in Summer 2012

As the local economy starts to recover, so does the e-commerce industry. Online shopping startups have seen a big jump in terms of number, funding, sales and market share. Topping this long list is Gilt Groupe with $218M in funding to date. Others also grabbed serious financial backing including with $48M and Chloe + [...]


Charlie O’Donnell Builds Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

One of the best VCs in New York tech is starting his own fund right at the heart of Brooklyn. Charlie O’Donnell, former founder and CEO of Path 101, is raising $7 to $10 million for his new firm Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, which they’ll use to help get early and seed stage tech companies get off the [...]


Business And Lunch Mix Well, Apparently

This is New York after all. There are great places to eat if you bother to know where they are. So why shouldn’t business and food mix well? It’s certainly a more attractive meeting place than a stuffy board room in an antiseptic office somewhere. Also, dig this: Nice restaurants are a great place to [...]