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Poppin Raises $6M, Plans To Officially Launch in Summer 2012

As the local economy starts to recover, so does the e-commerce industry. Online shopping startups have seen a big jump in terms of number, funding, sales and market share. Topping this long list is Gilt Groupe with $218M in funding to date. Others also grabbed serious financial backing including with $48M and Chloe + [...]


NY Metro Companies Receive $2.72B In VC Money

According to the National Venture Capital Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers, a total of 379 firms received a total of $2.72 billion dollars in investment. From the same report, the fourth quarter last year found 82 firms receiving $545.1 million in VC funding. One of the more heavily invested sectors in the NY venture market is media and entertainment, [...]


Pivot Gone Right: Gets Lotsa Money

From investors, that is. $40 million to be specific. is a pivot story that begs retelling. Turns out they started off as a gay social netowrk. Happy times didn’t last long, however, because the founder (one Jason Goldberg) thought that sellign stuff was better business. Turns out he’s right. Good for then that [...]