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Canvas Nets $3M Funding In New Round

It’s great to be Moot right now. By Moot of course, is meant Christopher Poole, the strapping young lad behind hacker haven and anime trove 4chan. But 4chan isn’t the only thing in Moot’s plate these days.  Since landing a spot in Lerer Ventures as some sort of adviser, Christopher/Moot wasted no time launching Canvas. [...]


Even At Closed Invitation Only Beta, Canvas Is Pretty Weird

Canvas is a weird place. It works by allowing users to doodle around with an uploaded image. It’s equal parts colossal waste of time and all-consuming passion. This seems to be the talent of Christopher Poole, whose cult discussion board 4Chan started as an anime haven that became the spawning ground of lolcats and rickrolls. [...]


4Chan Founder Christopher Poole Joins Lerer Ventures

Former teenage wunderkind Christopher Poole, who also goes by the name Moot, has just hopped aboard Lerer Ventures as an adviser whose sole task is to scout for talent. Poole, founder of 4Chan and Canvas Networks, will be putting his considerable experience as an underground web developer to good use when he’s tasked with giving the [...]