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Chris Dixon Knows What The Startup Scene Needs

The funny part is, while short on awe inspiring revelation, the points raised by Mr. Dixon have been issues since… last year. That makes them pretty old and reminiscent of Fred Wilson’s own blog based reflections. Anyway, in a colorful post that laid down the law, Mr. Dixon enumerated the stuff still missing from the [...]


Chris Dixon Is Selling His eBook Thru Amazon

Though ebooks are now more ubiquitous than ever compared to just a few years ago, striking it rich is still out of reach for independent ebook purveyors. But it is possible to rake in a decent sized profit from ebooks, especially when they’re sold in the right outlet like Amazon. Chris Dixon is going down [...]


Caterina Fake Exits Hunch, Rumor Mill In Overdrive

It’s official, ladies and gentlemen. Caterina Fake is scheduled to leave Hunch before 2010 wraps. However, she will maintain a vague advisory role (“Yes, staying on as an advisor is the most likely scenario”). In the meantime, news of her departure has officially broken across the web, thereby confirming rumors that have been swirling since October. [...]