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Bnter Invades Android

Again, more news about the silliest corner of the social media buffet. Bnter aren’t exactly the hottest new live conversation outlet in the tech scene, neither do they have the sharpest people tweaking the product. What Bnter does have in abundance though, is creativity and a let-your-hair-down vibe that’s been attracting droves as of late. [...]


Spark Capital And Bnter: A Troubled Romance

The following should serve as a poignant lesson about the pitfalls of the startup game. Spark Capital has a sterling reputation in the investment world. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Bnter is a great idea in full swing, silly with enough irreverence to attract interesting people. (Bnter was featured here in NY Tech [...]


Micro-Conversation Site Bnter Gaining Momentum

Bnter seems a fun place to be right now. In fact, the micro-coversation repositary has been getting so much traction around the NY area that it’s become the unofficial hang-out spot for tech scenesters. Funded by a battery of¬†prominent¬†VCs including Chris Dixon, Ron Conway, and Shana Fisher, what makes Bnter interesting is it was founded [...]