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The Top Ten NY Startups To Watch Out For This 2012

Needless to say, New York City is where the action is for tech startups. Keep your eye out for these top 10 that will surely make some noise this year. 1. Flow Flow Corporation was founded by Eric Alterman in 2010 and, since then, the company has raised $3.4M. Flow has been hyped as one of [...]


Subscription Startups Are Very Fat Cash Cows

Nowadays, people will buy just about anything and - have it delivered to their homes. For example, BarkBox, Meetup co-founder Matt Meeker’s new start-up, just raised $100,000 from angel investors just so your dogs can enjoy their monthly treats and new toys. Subscription Startups are gaining headway now that more and more people are willing to pay for [...]


Accel Partners Gives Birchbox Huge Series A Boost

There’s no way to adequately describe the novel service Birchbox extends to subscribers. Rather than deliver cosmetic samples to clients, Birchbox makes sure it curates special packages delivered each month with products courtesy of its partner brands. So far, the business model is working and Accel Partners have just boosted the startup with $10.5 million [...]